Workers Comp

Texas Workers Comp

Workers in the state of Texas who have been injured while on the job have certain rights and benefits under the law, but it’s crucial to work with a knowledgeable team to ensure you obtain your full benefits. After a traumatic work injury, navigating the details of these laws is the last thing you want to deal with. Our multidisciplinary team has years of experience handling Texas state worker compensation claims. We’ll work with you and your employer’s insurance to establish a comprehensive wellness plan that will help you rejoin your workplace with confidence.

Federal Workers Comp DOL-OWCP

Federal workers who have been injured on the job have specific rights under the DOL-OWCP and need doctors who are knowledgeable in dealing with these types of cases. Every doctor on our team has extensive experience handling the particulars of  DOL-OWCP cases. Federal employees are the backbone of our country and deserve professional care in the event of a workplace injury. If you are an injured federal employee and have any questions about your Department of Labor treatment please reach out to our team at Comfort Rehab Chiropractic. 

Personal Injury

If you’ve suffered a personal injury that has had an adverse impact on your day-to-day life like a car crash, a slip, or any other type of accident, you’ll want to seek therapy from an experienced personal injury doctor. A knowledgeable team can assist you not only with your physical therapy but also with your claims and ongoing recovery. Our team of doctors will help you get the best medical and therapeutic care available for your injury. In many instances, we can work with your attorney’s Letter of Protection (LOP) to get you comprehensive care without any extra costs from you. We’ve worked with many of the best personal injury lawyers in North Texas and have the know-how to ensure all documentation goes smoothly and you have the support necessary for a trouble-free case.


You might be asked to get a functional capacity exam (FCE) for various reasons – you were asked by your employer, it’s required for a worker’s compensation claim, or even for your own interest. The functional capacity exam is administered to discover precisely how capable a person is of performing the tasks and functions required for their job. Our doctors will go through a series of tasks that might be part of your job to observe how your body handles the various movements. Then, the doctor will create a report that they will send to the patient and insurance companies. This report will outline the best possible work conditions for the patient and set a timeline for a full return to normal work.
During a functional capacity exam, one of our doctors evaluates your ability to perform the essential tasks of your job. This will start with a consultation to go over your personal and medical history. Our doctors take the time to understand your symptoms, the nature of your injury, and what tasks are required for day-to-day work. Based on this information, the doctor will observe you performing exercises like lifting boxes, walking, bending, or other specific work simulations. After this evaluation, the team will establish a timeline for the best treatments and rehabilitation exercises to get you back to work.
A functional capacity exam is often one of the first evaluations required for an employer or worker’s compensation claim. At our clinic, we understand that these examinations are an essential part of your path to recovery. So we take the time to fully understand the patient’s background, injury, and work requirements. This allows us to tailor our functional capacity exam to test for your specific needs. Once the evaluation is complete, our team will guide you through the treatments, procedures, and rehabilitation exercises you’ll need to get back to your best working shape.

RTW programs

Our return to work program is designed to help you get back to an active and independent life. We have state-of-the-art facilities where you will receive personalized outpatient rehabilitation services tailored to your specific injuries and rehabilitation needs. Our interdisciplinary team is constantly pushing themselves to stay at the forefront of rehabilitation advancements so they can provide you with innovative treatments for injuries like hip fractures, joint replacements, chronic back pain, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic work injuries. Return to a full and active life with our tailored therapy programs.


We believe that each patient has unique and personal needs during their recovery. That’s why we take time to fully understand and evaluate the specific goals before developing a tailored treatment plan. You’ll meet with our interdisciplinary team of specialists, including physical therapists, occupational therapists, physicians, psychologists, counselors, nutritionists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and personal trainers, to discover the best program you plan to return to work. Our functional restoration program is full time five days a week, eight hours a day, and balances muscle growth with personal motivation and psychological progression. Our functional restoration program is designed to get you back to work and functioning independently.