Auto Accident Injury

The majority of automobile crashes are the fender-bender variety.

You might be driving around when the car ahead of you stops abruptly. You mash your brakes, but don’t stop in time and wham, you strike the rear end of the car in front of you. When you recover your senses, you feel jarred and a little bit shaken, but are capable of getting out of your car and apologize. You exchange information and start back to your car.

Later in the day your neck area and spine are feeling like they’re rigid. That night your neck starts to hurt and you start to get a headache. You think to yourself “Well, it’s just the impact associated with this accident-it’ll be better by the morning”.

Next morning, you get up with neck and upper back pains that are a lot worse than the previous day. You take a couple of pain killers which alleviate the situation, but later in the day it really is back again.

You are going through a whiplash accident.

Your whiplash is not necessarily an Emergency Room matter. There will be absolutely nothing to sew up, absolutely no stitching to be had. But you are seriously injured. When you smack the vehicle in front, or get struck from the rear, your head is tossed all about. The event lasts only a moment in time. Researchers calculate it at about 0.30 seconds. It happens so quickly you don’t remember it. Therefore, you think that you have no reason to believe that you were injured.

Apart from the neck and throat, your shoulders are now painful and rigid, and you are getting headaches.

Soft tissue tear of the neck from a whiplash injury is called a sprain along with strain. A sprain refers to ripping damage associated with muscular areas. A strain is the term for the ripping injuries associated with tendons, suspensory ligaments, joint capsules, intervertebral discs, etc. Whiplash incidents can also split and bruise nerves and other soft tissues in the neck.

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