Preventing accidental injuries on the job costs far less for companies as compared to the treatment of ongoing injures which are associated with the job. This is why many companies are enlisting the expertise of chiropractic doctors to keep the workplace a less hazardous place for employees. If the injury is covered by Workers Compensation assuming you know how it happened, you must file with your jobs Workers Compensation carrier.

Work Related Injury

The most regularly documented spinal injuries tend to be sprains, strains, disc herniation, joint inflammation, contusions, and sciatic issues. Lower back pain can be acute or severe and may be sensed within the lumbar, gluteal, upper thigh, or sciatic regions. These accident injuries are not often the result of one particular accident; typically, the entire body degrades from physical factors over time, making weak spots along with vulnerability throughout the body. Activity at home plays a part in this particular wearing; on the other hand, physical elements at work have the most significant effect on structural health.

Back Injury

Lower back pain and injury through occupational stress are generally the outcome associated with different “forces” applied to the spinal column. Bending (or rotation), compression (vertical stress and fatigue of spinal column), or shear pressure (physical stress applied parallel with regard to backbone) are the chief causes of back injury. The amount of physical stress on the spinal column is dependent upon the weight of the item elevated, a person’s posture, and the movement of the spine for the duration of activity. Injuries occur any time these factors surpass the capabilities of the discs and assisting body parts making these movements.

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