Turbo-Sonic Whole Body Vibration

Vibration training is a method of training in which the TurboSonic vibration training apparatus is used. The TurboSonic is a training platform which gives mechanical oscillations from 3 to 50 Hertz. This type of vibration is also known as ‘whole-Body-Vibration.’ Indeed, the whole body vibrates.

The vibration emanating from the pedestal and conducted throughout the body stimulates muscle fibers (myocytes) with three times the strength of gravity. This causes the muscle fibers to contract and relax with greater strength and speed. These powerful muscle contractions, when repeated with the frequency seen in WBV exercise, enhance muscle strength over a shorter period of time than is feasible with any other form of muscle training.

This dramatically enhances flexibility and expedites the recovery of damaged muscles and tendons, making it an athletic trainer’s dream machine. In addition, blood vessels throughout the body are stimulated and circulation is improved. Furthermore, tendons and ligaments, (parts of the body not easily trained) become better toned.

The function of intrapelvic muscles and small muscle groups, such as facial muscles, (which cannot be strengthened through conventional weight training exercises) are improved. Exercise involving vibration in the vertical direction also causes greater caloric consumption than regular aerobic exercise does.

The TurboSonic has a positive effect on:

  • muscle tissue
  • nerves
  • blood vessels
  • bones
  • cartilage
  • hormones
  • neurotransmitters.

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